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Product Quantity
Jacquet Baguette bread 2/1, 250g 1
Eggs, 10/1 1
Barilla Penne Pasta - 1kg 1
Podravka Bolognese sauce, 410g 1
Tomatos, 1 kg 1
Lettuce, 1 piece 1
Studena Non carbonated natural water, 1.5 l 4
Juicy Orange juice, 1 l 2
Karlovačko Pivovara Beer can, 0.33l 4
BADEL 1862 PELJEŠAC PLAVAC Red wine, 0.75l 1
Kutjevo Grasevina White wine,  0.75l 1
Primax Toilet paper, 8 rolls  1
Vigo Bio Garbage bags, 10/1, 40 l 1
Please note, where a certain brand is not available we may need to substitute with a product of equal quality.

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